m e t a v i s i o n   a r t

the artist


lynn-meta helga hoover, born in hampton, virginia, lived much of her early childhood in france and germany. returning to the states, meta had a hunger for the visual arts influenced by her time in europe. at the age of 12 she participated in her first art show and has been persuing her art career ever since.

meta has attended community college in virginia and tennessee. she has studied painting and drawing under james warwick jones and learned the art of stained glass from mimi (layne) tawes. meta and mimi worked as portrait artists at busch gardens, virginia. she has taught a number of children's art classes.

meta, now meta williams, resides with her husband george, also an artist, and their cats and dog in surry county, virginia, at their daylilly gardens and loblolly farm on the edge of the great terrapin swamp.


for me, my art is an adventure of inspiration and vision(s), sometimes sharing my own, (always thoroughly prayed over and for,) other times helping others to realize theirs by translating their ideas and feelings into a visual work. i don't know which is more exciting. everytime i do a piece, it's like the first time; i wonder, can i really do this? is this going to come together? then magic happens. silly magic sometimes, but that can be the best kind.

when i am commissioned to do portraits, i like to get to know my subject(s) as well as i can to help them shine true in their portrait(s), or to help them visually realize a dream or fantasy and remind them that there is so much room for possibilities with settings and backgrounds.